Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two quick semi relevant comments-Costco Fresh Flowers and 10 Best Foods for the Buck

My wife commented about how happy she is with the flowers I buy her at Costco and suggested I post a photo of the most recent ones I got her. While not food, you do have to walk past them in the store to get to the groceries and thus most of my readers will have seen them at one time or another.

Like the vast majority of items at Costco, they are a great value. This lovely bouquet only cost 8.99.

In my previous post, I mentioned albacore tuna from Costco and I thought of that again when I saw this article.

10 best foods for your buck.

Tuna was on the list and I do agree, it is a great low fat source of protein with omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, the stuff from Costco tastes great.

That is really a hard combo to beat.

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