Saturday, July 17, 2010

Excelline Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla Review and Serving Suggestion

With the new coupons that came out, we bought a box (8 count) of the Excelline Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. After the coupon, they $6.84 a box, which made them about 86¢ each.  To make a meal out of them we served them with refried beans topped with cheese and jasmine rice on the side. The rice was also bought at Costco.

Below is a picture of the meal as it was served.

We heated up the quesadillas in the toaster oven and that gave them a good texture and it didn't heat up the house. (Even with central air, we don't see the point of generating extra heat in the house).

The quesadillas had a good texture and if the amount of chicken and cheese was not luxurious, it was enough to be satisfying.  The texture was fine and they had a bit of zing to them so they had a good flavor.

We were satisfied with them and will buy them again when there is a coupon. We probably won't buy them without a coupon just because there are other things we like more.

But this turned out well. There was variety to the meal, it was low cost (about $3 for the two of us) and it    was filling enough without leaving us feeling bloated in the 90 degree weather we are going through.


  1. cjffrueh@yahoo.comAugust 3, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    purchased a box of eight quesadillas for my grandchildren who love them. my surprise when i opened the box and found ONLY SEVEN.
    BOX CODE 30567 77064, would like to purchase again but not paying for eight and getting only costco ,greensboro nc.

  2. purchased a box of eight quesadillas to try for snacks, the ingredient list says that the chicken is cooked but after I thawed one I looked inside and the chicken looked and felt raw. I went ahead and cooked as directed and the chicken still looked raw. I cooked it a bit more but started to burn the tortilla and the chicken still didn't look good enough to eat. I will probably not be purchasing these again.

  3. they really need to be microwaved, but the problem is that the cheese runs out and the chicken in the middle is still cold. If you heat it up more, there is no cheese left inside, it all runs out. It would have been better as a chicken and cheese burrito without beans and rice, now that would be great, the cheese would possibly stay inside the wrap.

  4. I love these! When cooked by the recommended
    method (i.e. browned in a skillet) they can pass as a wonderful homemade quesadilla. My only problem....I can no longer find them at Costco, so I'm really mad at them!! Guess I'll try King Soopers.
    Ticked in Denver.

  5. Terrible. Will go into the garbage. Agree with Helen.

  6. We loved the Excelline Chicken Quesadillas. They are terrific when microwaved twice as long at 1/2 heat. Unfortunately Costco no longer seems to cary them, and they were one of their best frozen food items. Does anyone know where they can be purchased in the Tempe, Arizona area. An unhappy Costco customer.

  7. These are junk. Nothing like you would purchase in a restaurant. Not even close. I ate half of one and couldn't eat it. Took a bite of grissle with the chicken. Think of a frozen grocery store, ugh pizza. That's what you get.

  8. We purchased these, just this past Saturday. ugh.!!!! non-edible.

  9. I bought these at Costco and made them for dinner for myself and my 93 year old Mother. In the middle of her first bite my Mother spit something into her napkin and when I looked, it was two small pebbles! Also the taste of the product wasn't up to our expectations. I will not buy these again and will also write a letter to the company about this event. The rest of the box is going into the garbage.

  10. I thought they were awesome. You do have to cook them longer than they say on the package though, which is a shame since I think people get turned off from them.

    2-2.5 min and these are fantastic. If you really want your socks knocked off, cook them in the oven. Holy crap. I hope Costco never stops carrying them. The only problem is they seem to be regional...we have three Costcos and only one carries these.

  11. I bought a box of 8 chicken cheese Quesadillas and only 7 were in the box. I really want to complain! Second time this happen to me. The wrapper was there but no Quesadillas!

  12. I love these so much! My method is to let it thaw, put it in the microwave, and then put it in the skillet for 2-4 minutes. They're delicious if you can get the inside warm- and cheap too! Love these!

  13. We used to love these quesadillas, but they must have changed their recipe because now the do not smell or taste good. It's a shame because it was one of the few things I could get my 7 year old to eat sometimes. Now he can't bear the smell or the taste and says that it makes him gag.

  14. I concur with the poster above. I loved the slightly spicy tang of these quesadillas, but now the chicken itself tastes different--I know this because I took out the chicken after microwaving it, and the rest of it was edible. I don't know what they did to the chicken, but it is awful.

  15. I love these I get mine from SAMs but it does seem they have changed the recipe it was real chicken breast but now it seems like its pressed fake chicken the best way to cook them is in a. Skillet with butter brown both sides they are awesome

  16. I bought these the other day at Costco because they looked good. I just decided to try one and flopped it in the pan. As I did the tortilla opened and I got to see what was inside. What is it??? I see the chunk of cheese, but what is the mush? It looks like a mush of fine breadcrumbs or something! I don't even see any chicken! Raise the price and put some chicken in these things!! Not the byproducts of chicken that has been through a grinder! I don't think I can eat this now. Very disappointing...

  17. All of us cherished the actual Excelline Poultry Quesadillas. They're fantastic whenever microwaved two times as lengthy from 1/2 warmth. Regrettably Costco no more appears to cary all of them, plus they had been among their finest freezing foods. Will anybody understand exactly where these people comes in the actual Tempe, Az region. A good unsatisfied Costco client.

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  18. I had eatten a couple of these so far and I keep getting plastic pieces in mine.... is this a common problem?! This is the second of the same box... my boyfriend had two and did not have any plastic...

  19. I purchased your Quesadillas from Costco. I have eaten just about all of them to hopefully find one that did not have cartilage in it. Yuk. That cured me from purchasing it again.

  20. Agree with all the other reviewers who said these are garbage. The "meat" inside is some sort of nasty leftover grinded up chicken parts...throwing the rest of mine in the trash and will not be purchasing again.

  21. Bought these chicken and cheese quesadillas over the weekend at a local Costco, and as others have said, the chicken does not taste like "real chicken" I did cook them in the toasger for about 18minutes on toast setting" but sadly the tortilla was getting burnt but the chicken inside was barely warm. Decided to microwave them to cook the chicken and proceeded to eat them a few minutes later, only to get 3/4 of the way through and i bit into something hard, spitting out a piece of bone luckily before i swallowed. Thes are going back to Costco and I am never buying them again.

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