Friday, July 23, 2010

Italian Meat Panini with Garden Salad Supper

Earlier in the week we had a fun supper of panini and a garden salad.  It went together very quickly and by using the Griddler to make the panini, we didn't have to stand over a hot stove for a long time.

I made the sandwich while my wife made the salad. The sandwich used provolone and salami from Costco. We also put capicola, fresh red onion, EVOO and dried oregano on it.  While we love the ciabatta rolls from Costco, we typically make panini using a single loaf we buy from our local grocery store since it fits so well on the Griddler and it is a good serving size for us.  The sandwich was hot, cheesy, meaty and flavorful.  My wife tells me she got a lot of admiring looks at work the next day over her leftover sandwich. Below is a photo of both the whole and sliced sandwich.

The salad my wife made completed the meal very well. All the fresh veggies and herbs in it made it fresh and lively.

The salami at Costco is a excellent value at about $5.49 for 24 oz. It comes in two 12oz packages which also makes it handy to use.  The provolone is also a great price at about 6.79 for 2 1/2 pounds.   That is less than  $3/pound which is a very reasonable price for a good smoked provolone.

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