Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mypoints bonus for joining Costco-500 points plus $50 in coupons-referral free post

I am a member of Mypoints and they offering 500 points with $50 worth of coupons including:

Free 2 lb bag of Kirkland Coffee
Free Rotisserie Chicken
Free case of spring waterFree 100 photos digital printing
Free 48 pack “AA” batteries 9.99 value
$3 off fresh bakery cookies
$3 off albacore tuna 8 pack
Free case of spring water
$3 off fresh baked 18" pizza
$3 off fresh meat
$2 off salad mix
$5 off premium floral bouquet
$3 off white meat canned chicken breast

I am sure of the first three items but I am not sure about the rest of the list since I am just going by the most recent promotion Costco had. But the first three items are definitely listed on the MyPoints site and thus you can count on those.

Please note that by just posting the link below I am not making any getting any sort of referral reward. This post is just totally something as information with no reward for me.

If you drink coffee and eat chicken, this does a couple of useful items for free.

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