Friday, July 23, 2010

Potstickers from Costco-Easy, Affordable and Tasty

We always keep the Ling Ling Potstickers from Costco in the freezer for a quick, tasty and reasonably priced supper.  A bag costs about $10 and there are coupons now and then. We typically get about 6 to 8 servings out of a bag, so the cost is quite fair. They also cook up in about 10 minutes and thus there is a not a lot of waiting around for dinner.

My wife did discover that she gets a better flavor out of them by adding some sesame oil when she is cooking them and also by adding some szechuan sauce to the dipping sauce they provide. Speaking of the dipping sauce, they provide multiple packages of it in the bag, so that makes it even more convenient.

They have mild but rewarding oriental flavor with a good texture.  If you are squeamish about trying something new, just wait until they have a coupon for them. I think you will find they are a great value.


  1. I LOVE these potstickers but have a hell of a time keeping them from sticking to my (Costco stainless stell - natch) pan. Yours look crispy and perfect - any tips? Thanks!

    1. On the package it says to use a nonstick pan, they come out looking great everytime. no matter how much oil youve got in your pan if its not nonstick they will stick to the bottom.