Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Costco Food Court Chocolate Frozen Yogurt-Sweet Treat At A Sweet Price

After I was done shopping there the other day, I got myself a cup of Costco's soft serve frozen yogurt. While they offer chocolate, vanilla and swirl, the choice for me was an easy one and I got the chocolate.

I want to be clear, it does not taste as rich and creamy as the best chocolate ice cream out there, but it is a very well done yogurt. It definitely tastes chocolaty and the texture is smooth and firm.  I found the portion size quite generous. At 390 calories it is fewer calories than most ice creams and certainly less than a couple of candy bars that would not be as filling. Plus there is some nutritional value, as you can see from this chart of the nutritional value of some of Costco's food court items.  Even just looking at it, it is impressive. I put my membership card in the photo so you could get some idea of how big it is.  Finally, at $1.35 (plus tax) it is another one of their items that is a great value.  At that price you can justify taking the family out to the food court just for the frozen yogurt as a treat.


  1. Impressive? That's a 400 calorie treat! Even at $1.50, their 540 calorie hot dog (or the 680 calorie slice of pizza? Yikes!) does not strike me as all that much of a deal...

  2. A small Chocolate Extreme Blizzard at Dairy Queen has 650 calories and 29 grams of fat versus the Costco frozen yogurt at 390 calories and 0 (zero) grams of fat.

    And the price for the Costco treat is way less than DQ.

    Here is the DQ nutrition info:

    I didn't say it was low calorie, I just said it faired better than some similar treats and I can stand by that.

  3. I say that's well spent calories. Obviously anon this isn't something the strictest dieter like me is going to eat everyday, but when you've been working so hard and have an off day..Well I would gladly order this considering when I used to eat a lot, this would still have been too much yogurt for me! You get so full, definitely satisfying for the wallet, stomach, and brain.

  4. Cheaper and less calories! Thats what I call a win win

  5. I got a swirl for the first time yesterday. Admittedly, I do not eat much icecream or frozen yogurt so I am no expert, but it sure tasted like rich creamy soft serve icecream to me. I am very doubtful that the incredibly HUGE portion they serve comes in under 400 calories.

  6. I acquired the swirl with regard to the very first time the other day. Of course, I actually do not really consume a lot icecream or even freezing yogurt and so i 'm absolutely no professional, however it certain sampled such as wealthy rich and creamy gentle function icecream in my experience. I'm really uncertain how the extremely LARGE part these people function is available in below four hundred calories from fat.

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