Saturday, February 23, 2013

Costco Almond Bark Nutrition Info

I have been asked for the nutrition info on this tasty product and when I was at Costco today, one of the helpful people in the bakery got it for me.

Let me say in advance, it is definitely a candy/desert product without any significant nutritional benefit, but I am assuming most people would think that already.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review Of Almond Bark On Sale At Costco

I saw this on sale for this month and I felt compelled to try it.  And you know what, I am glad I did! This is a great product that I will buy again and given that it has a good shelf life, I will probably buy some more of it while it is on sale and stock up!

This delicious treat has a lot going for it. As you can see in the photo, it really does have a lot of almonds in it. It is truly "almond bark" not just "bark with some almonds."

It also has a very balanced flavor to it.  It is not overly sweet so it will appeal to those that like dark chocolate but it is sweet enough for those of us (like me!) that prefer milk chocolate.  The texture is good and as I said, it definitely has a lot of almonds in it.

My wife loved it, I loved it, all my friends at work loved it.  And some even thought it was homemade, although I was honest and told them I bought it at Costco.

If you like chocolate and nuts, this is a product that is definitely worth buying. It gets my full recommendation as an indulgence!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Drunken" Pork Loin In The Crock Pot-Cook It Once-Use It Again And Again

Last month when the pork loin was on sale,  we stocked up.  We bought a bunch of the chops and froze them in pairs in bags so we have them in easy to use portions in the future.  We also bought a whole loin and my wife cooked it in the slow cooker with some wine and some of the Robert Rothschild Farm Cherry Pomegranate Habanero sauce that we bought at Costco. Because of the wine in the recipe, she calls this drunken pork. It takes about three minutes to get it ready to go in the crock pot.

She then cooked it for about eight  hours on low and it certainly looked and smelled good when it was done.

In addition to smelling and tasting good, the finished pork was very tender and it was practically falling apart.

This recipe is very versatile.  You just vary the wine and other seasonings to get a different flavor profile.  The pork itself is also has a wide range of uses.  The first day we had the pork just the way it was made but then later on we made some barbecued pork sandwiches by simply heating the pork up with some of our favorite barbecue sauce.

You can also use this in a stir-fry, a soup or in as many different ways as you can imagine.  After we had had it a couple or so times, I took the rest of it, cut it into bite sized chunks and froze a few packages of it for future use.  Now, in addition to the chicken and ground beef in our freezer, we also have some tasty pork.

Pork loin is generally a versatile and affordable meat and this is a great way to cook it. It is easy, effortless and the prep time is a few minutes.  Then you have some great pork to eat as is and some tasty meat in the freezer for future use.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review of McCann's Imported Quick and Easy Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

One of my favorite episodes of "Good Eats" is the "Oat Cuisine" show.  While I love the humor of the segment on how to make a haggis, the true value of the episode  is that they point out the wonders and joys of cooking with oats.

We enjoy oatmeal but let's face it, traditional instant oatmeal is hardly the best that this cuisine has to offer.  When we saw this fast version of steel cut oats at Costco, we had to try them and we are totally pleased.

This is definitely a hybrid product. It is not "instant oatmeal", it takes a few minutes to cook but it is vastly faster than making normal steel cut oats.  As for the taste and texture, as I said, we are totally pleased. They are definitely much heartier than you standard instant oatmeal with a very satisfying flavor.

They also take "kicking up" well with cranberries, cinnamon and vanilla.  I also plan on adding maple syrup, apples and other fruits and flavorings.

This product is an absolute winner and my wife and I recommend it with complete enthusiasm.

I have been asked for the nutritional information, here is a link to it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Costco Coupon Book January 31 to February 24

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Addicted To Costco, we have this months coupon book.

We always keep the Craisins in the house and we will definitely be using the coupon to save a few dollars.  Here are some previous posts on the Craisins.

Trail Mix With Craisins, Peanuts and M&M's

We also like the Tomato Basil soup that is on sale if you want to read this link.

The take and bake pizza is a just a crazy deal on sale and here is a post about one way that we kicked it up.  And even without kicking it up, it is a great pizza!

And we will absolutely be stocking up on the salmon on sale. Here is one of my favorite posts about how you can make a wonderful, tasty, attractive dinner with very little time and effort with this great product.