Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Soup and Panini

We always keep provolone and salami from Costco on hand so we have sandwich making basics. The other day we also picked up a two pack of roasted garlic bread and some of that  Harry's Organic Tomato Basil Soup that is on sale with a coupon this month.  We made a panini with the salami, provolone and some capicola that we picked up from our local Italian deli.

A few quick minutes on the Griddler for the sandwich and a few minutes in the microwave for the soup and we were ready for dinner.

The Italian meats and cheese went wonderfully with the roasted garlic bread and the sandwich alone was satisfying and flavorful.  Adding the soup completed the meal and gave us a vegatable course.  This was a very upscale sandwich and soup supper that went together in less time that it would have taken us to drive to Panera Bread. And the price was very reasonable.

1 comment:

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