Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pasta, Peas & Prosciutto

Prosciutto is another one of those items that is at a ridicously low price at Costco.  Their Citterio brand at 8.99 for a pound is truy a great price.  It is pre-sliced and ready to use.  Prosciutto is great wrapped around melon and it is an excellent sandwich and panini ingredient. 

We also like to cook with prosciutto. One of our favorite recipes is from Rachel Ray.  It is Pasta, Peas and Proscuitto.  This dish has a lot of the typical elements of a red sauce but it has some nice touches that make it special.  The peas add color and another vegetable while the proscuitto gives it meat and another set of textures and flavors. Finally, all the fresh basil adds a nice, bright touch.

This is a great recipe and it is really affordable, since I think it makes a lot more than four servings. My wife constantly says Rachel must be feeding teenage boys when she figures out portions!


  1. I do a pea/proscioutto dish a lot - haven't tried it with pasta - but you know it must be good. Everything is good over pasta. I must say thats a mighty nice price! And a flavorful dish.

  2. Yes, the price of the prosciutto at Costco is really reasonable.

    Makes buying it and cooking with much more affordable.

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