Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review Of Almond Bark On Sale At Costco

I saw this on sale for this month and I felt compelled to try it.  And you know what, I am glad I did! This is a great product that I will buy again and given that it has a good shelf life, I will probably buy some more of it while it is on sale and stock up!

This delicious treat has a lot going for it. As you can see in the photo, it really does have a lot of almonds in it. It is truly "almond bark" not just "bark with some almonds."

It also has a very balanced flavor to it.  It is not overly sweet so it will appeal to those that like dark chocolate but it is sweet enough for those of us (like me!) that prefer milk chocolate.  The texture is good and as I said, it definitely has a lot of almonds in it.

My wife loved it, I loved it, all my friends at work loved it.  And some even thought it was homemade, although I was honest and told them I bought it at Costco.

If you like chocolate and nuts, this is a product that is definitely worth buying. It gets my full recommendation as an indulgence!


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  2. Do you know where to find the nutritional information on their Almond Bark? We bought it, love it, but are trying to calorie count it!


  3. OK, I'm now addicted to Costco's Almond Bark but they have stopped offering it. Where is the recipe or where else can I find it?