Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review of McCann's Imported Quick and Easy Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

One of my favorite episodes of "Good Eats" is the "Oat Cuisine" show.  While I love the humor of the segment on how to make a haggis, the true value of the episode  is that they point out the wonders and joys of cooking with oats.

We enjoy oatmeal but let's face it, traditional instant oatmeal is hardly the best that this cuisine has to offer.  When we saw this fast version of steel cut oats at Costco, we had to try them and we are totally pleased.

This is definitely a hybrid product. It is not "instant oatmeal", it takes a few minutes to cook but it is vastly faster than making normal steel cut oats.  As for the taste and texture, as I said, we are totally pleased. They are definitely much heartier than you standard instant oatmeal with a very satisfying flavor.

They also take "kicking up" well with cranberries, cinnamon and vanilla.  I also plan on adding maple syrup, apples and other fruits and flavorings.

This product is an absolute winner and my wife and I recommend it with complete enthusiasm.

I have been asked for the nutritional information, here is a link to it.


  1. I'm looking for nutritional information for organic steel cut oatmeal item 724270. I threw the box out and the individual containers have absolutely no identifying markings. Can you help?

  2. Very good and thorough review. I tasted this at Costco the other day - they had free samples. I hit on the girl for a bit and she gave me 4 samples and I ate em all. Of course I do not actually buy anything at Costco- the membership fee is so I can eat free lunch and weekend snacks from the samples.