Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rotisserie Chicken with Satay Sauce

I had an job interview and a presentation to rehearse for the other day, so my wife picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco and made a satay sauce for it.

Here is a link to the recipe.  It is from Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network.  It goes together pretty quickly and it keeps for a few days. Since it does store for a bit, we use it with other food, such as pork.  It has a little bit of heat but it also has the salty flavors of the peanut butter and soy sauce.  The sesame oil gives it some depth and there is some sweetness from the brown sugar. In addition to giving  it flavor, the peanut butter adds some substance to the texture.

The chicken from Costco is a good value too. At 4.99, it is one of the less expensive chickens around and it is large and of very good quality.  Considering the number of servings you get out of it makes for some very low cost and tasty meals.

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  1. i'm from Canada and i envy you guys in the states for having 4.99 yummy rotisserit chicken. Ours is 6.99 here and nowhere near as juicy and as large.