Monday, July 12, 2010

New links added-Two Costco Blogs, Jeffrey Saad's Blog and another of my favorites

I have added four new links:

  •   Addicted to Costco. It has a reviews of both stores and products.  You see a lot of comments about products on sites, but you seldom see reviews of stores and I find that info fascinating.
  •  Costco Blog. While I am happily married, I was single for a long time and I appreciate this blog about enjoying Costco from a single person's viewpoint.
  • Jeffrey's Saad Passion For Food. Some of you might remember him as the runner up from Season 5 of "The Next Food Network Star". While I definitely agreed with the reasons why he came in second, I still think he is a exciting, charismatic and knowledgable cook. 
  • My Money Blog. Why this site you may ask? 1) I read it. 2) I think it is easily one of the best personal finance sites on the web 3) He shops at Costco. 4)Part of the reason we shop at Costco is because it does make financial sense.
I will probably have a new food post tomorrow.  See you then.

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