Thursday, September 2, 2010

Snack Food Review-Kirkland Signature Kettle Brand Crinkle Cut Potato Chips With Sea Salt

With the Labor Day weekend coming up, I thought I would review a snack for those that might be having a party or just enjoying the outdoors.

These Kirkland Signature Krinkle Cut chips are seasoned with Sea Salt and made for them by Kettle. Kettle makes some great chips and these certainly meet my quality standards.  I thought they had the right amount of salt and had great flavor, texture and crunch. They are good by themselves but I have to admit I ate most of them with french onion dip.

As for the price, they are $4.25 for 32 ounces, a two pound bag.  Lays chips in the store are typically 3.99 for a 11 ounce bag, so these are about 60% less than Lays in the grocery store on a per weight basis. That is a huge savings.

Admittedly, you can sometimes buy the Lays on sale for half price, but even then, the Costco chips have a great price advantage.  And from my viewpoint, the Costco chips are better.

My only negative are that the Costco chips are in a big bag and the last few chips were a bit greasy.  But otherwise, these are great chips, a great value and I definitely am giving them a very positive review and I do absolutely plan on buying them again.



  1. The problem with these chips is that they come in a huge bag so when you can't stop eating them there are so many chips that get consumed because you can't stop eating them. I bought a bag last week - I agree with your review and the price is great. Wal Mart had I think a 9 oz bag of Kettle Chips for $2.99. Can't compare to my Costco's price of $4.39 for the 32 oz bag.

  2. Mike, did you by any chance read the ingrediants label on the back of these chips? I've been buying these for several years as "lightly salted" and they had 115 mg of sodium. I loved them.

    They recently switched to the "sea salt" type that you tested. And guess what, these now have 430mg of sodium. So they went from 5% of your daily reqiurement to 17% !! Interesting that you comment that they have just the right amount of salt. You may want to think twice about "can't stop eating them". Combined with the dip, your blood pressure must have gone through the roof.

    And, no, I don't buy them anymore and have asked Costco to at least offer both types. Doubt they will though.

  3. I had my BP checked the other day and it was fine.

    Yes, it is a lot of salt, most snack foods have a lot of salt. And chip dip is certainly not a health food either.

    However, I eat this only every now and then so I am not terrified of them.

    Potato chips are clearly in the snack food category and you should treat them as such.

    Looking for them to be healthy is going to leave you disappointed.

  4. Well Mike, it seems that I mis-read the label.

    It's sea salt alright, but still 115mg of Sodium NOT 430. That's the amt of sorry about the confusion.

  5. Frank, thanks for taking a second look at the bag. We finished our bag off, so I appreciate you looking this up.

    I appreciate you being thorough and honest.

  6. Frank is an idiot.... Check yourself suka

  7. These are a great buy, fresh and tasty. I eat fewer at a sitting because the size of the bag forces me to carry a bowl of chips to the TV...not the entire bag.
    Love 'em...thanks Costco.

  8. These chips are incredible! So crunchy and good - but yes, hard to stop eating them. May be a bit salty, I had some and during my workout I sweated more then I'm used to... could be the salt. But I love the Crunch!!

  9. Hey Mike! Glad to see someone that admires these chips for the salty, greasy and delicious treats that they are! Everything in moderation, even these awesome potato chips! Read the review on my site and feel free to comment!

  10. Good to see I'm not the only one who loves these chips. Great review. 10/10.