Monday, September 6, 2010

Ravioli With Chicken Sausage-Recipe and Review

We bought some of the Pasta Prima Spinach and Mozzarella Ravioli that is on sale this month with the coupon.  While the water was heating up for the ravioli, we cooked some of those Apple and Smoked Gouda Chicken Sausages on the Griddler.

While this was going on, I cooked up some onions and garlic in EVOO and some unsalted butter. (The butter and the oil were both from Costco).

When the ravioli was done, we tossed it with three links of the sausage that have been cut up, the garlic-onion mixture and one of the sauce packets that came with the ravioli.

Finally, my wife garnished it with some fresh tomato.  As you can see, it was a beautiful dish.

As for the taste of the dish, it was very good. The ravioli has a nice flavor and is satisfying.  The chicken sausage adds meat to the dish and broadens the flavor profile with its own seasonings and another cheese flavor.  The topping mixture brings in some more cheese and spice flavors, plus some green color.  Finally, the tomato added some freshness and a bold red color.

Our only negative on the dish was that between the ravioli, the sausage and most notably, the flavor packet, it was just a bit on the salty side. Next time we do it, we won't add all of the flavor packet. We both think that a subtle change like that can take this very good dish up to excellent.

It certainly was a very quick recipe to put together and the price was certainly reasonable.  This made a little less than four servings total for about $6.50, which is about a buck less than what a super-sized Big Mac meal will cost for just one person.

Cooking at home and eating well is definitely very affordable, easy and quick if you keep a few basics around and do just a little thinking.

As for a review of the ravioli:

It comes in a 3.5 pound bag and the normal price is 9.89. The coupon shaved off 2.50, bring the price down to 7.39, which is reasonable price for upscale frozen ravioli.

While not the best ravioli I have ever had, it has very good flavor and texture. The cheese and spinach filling is a nice change of pace from just cheese or meat fillings. The package is resealable which makes for easy storage in the freezer.  It comes with two flavor packets per bag, which you can use as much as you see fit. Honestly, my only negative about these is the flavor packets: if you use a whole one, it is a little salty. Therefore, my recommendation is this:

These are very good ravioli at a low price, but if you serve them with the included seasonings, don't add a whole pouch of it.

We stocked up and there are two and a half bags of these left in the freezer and I am already looking forward to another serving of them!

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