Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mango Chutney, Prosciutto and Naan Bread "Pizza"-From Aarti Sequeria, Winner of The Next Food Network Star

When I saw her do this recipe for her pilot, I was intrigued and I knew I we would try this someday.  After my wife discovered that Costco sells naan bread, we decided to do it. My wife followed the recipe as closely as she could, with the exception of using all fresh mozzarella instead of paneer for the cheese. (We don't know where to get paneer locally).

The pizza was pretty easy to make and here is a photo of it before it was baked.

After a few minutes in the oven, my wife topped it with the prosciutto and it was done.
The first word I will use to describe this is delicious!  This is absolutely a great recipe. There are a wide variety of flavors in this dish, but they work together wonderfully.  The sweet, spicy chutney compliments the pungent nature of the green onions.  The cilantro adds a fresh zesty taste and makes the flavors even brighter. The prosciutto adds meat and a slight saltiness while the cheese adds a dairy flavor and texture.

As I said, there are a lot of things going on here, but they really come together in a tasty and fun way.  This is definitely a dish we are going to make again. And it was a particularly Costco oriented recipe with the prosciutto,  cheese and bread all coming from Costco.


Here is the link to Aarti's recipe.


  1. Where is the recipe?

  2. Thanks for mentioning that.

    I added the link.

  3. Mike
    Costco used to have very similar type of bread as naan when I was living in Indianapolis for only few years (2005-2007) and then they stop that. This is the same trademark of naan that lot of international/Indianan store carry it at the same time and after that (I can not remember what was the name but I remember they had website). Later when I moved to Austin I did not see that type of naan in Costco here either. I was wonder if you can tell me what is the trade mark of these naan that you are talking here. The picture is not similar to what I remember....I am trying to buy it online (if they sell it)....