Thursday, August 22, 2013

Costco Coupon Book, August 8- September 1

Once again thanks to my wonderful friends at Addicted to Costco, I have this month's coupon book.

We are buying a number of items this month.

The Fiber One bars a lower calorie, lower fat snack with the bonus of fiber, so I have them now and then for a sweet treat.

We also bought some of the Oberto Jerky on sale, that is a very high protein and flavorful snack that we enjoy.

And of course, we will stock up on the pudding cups on sale. I have previously written about their virtues as a chocolate treat.

We also bought a couple of packages of the Pasta Prima Spinach and Mozzarella Ravioli, which is a favorite of ours.

We also like the tomato basil soup on sale, which goes great with panini.

Finally, we bought another tray of the Chicken Alfredo, which I gave a good review of here.

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  1. I have steered clear of the Fiber One bars. My son had terrible stomach aches and pains for a week before I realized that he had been eating 1 Fiber bar per day. The inulin (the stuff they use to inject as fiber) has side effects in some people.