Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Review Of Costco's Chicken Alfredo

My wife and I enjoy cooking, but the deal on the Chicken Alfredo on sale this month was just too good to pass up, so we took the plunge.  Aside from covering it with aluminum foil, there is no real prep involved other than putting it in the oven.  Cooking time was about an hour, but when you figure out how long it takes to get to a restaurant, order a meal and have it come to the table, that time is really not bad.

My wonderful wife removed the foil near the end of the heating to help brown the cheese a little.  The chicken is pre-cooked, so that makes the process of heating a bit quicker than baking it from scratch.

The dish had good flavor and we enjoyed it, although we both thought it was more alfredo with chicken than Chicken Alfredo. Still, there was enough meat in the dish you didn't feel cheated.

This was a good alfredo, about the quality you get at a place like Applebee's or Fridays.  Even before the coupon, it is a very good value and the coupon makes it a great value.

Thus, I give it a solid thumbs up: great value and tasty food.  Not the world's best alfredo, but competent and satisfying.


  1. We bought this because of the sale, too. I disagree that it's as good as a chain restaurant's, though.

    The chicken was very bland and stringy and I was disappointed in the overall flavor. It was also just dripping with grease when served. I bought this several years ago and remember it being much better.

  2. Bought this because of the coupon and (lol) I'm eating it right now. I think its not bad at all, and my super picky husband just gave it a "good!". I would say try it out if you dont feel like cooking!

  3. 17 g of fat and half a gram of salt in one serving, which is just 1/12 of the container, says it all.

  4. Lol im eating right now as well haha and I think its not bad at all !! Not great but still very good ! Id definitely recommend it :)

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  6. Very good great value! I took it out of oven added a bag of broccoli and it was fantastic! :-)