Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pizza with Shrooms and Olives-One Last Chance

Whenever the Take And Bake pizza goes on sale, we buy them at least a couple of times during the sale. For the second pizza, we had his and hers sides. While my lovely wife and I do have compatible tastes in food for the most part, she does not like mushrooms and olives. Thus, my side had those wonderful toppings. I had a jar of a gourmet olive mix from Costco and some dried, reconstituted mushrooms. On my wife's side she had the wonderful Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts. Thus, if any of you in Mountain or Pacific time want to run out and get a pizza before the sale ends tonight, I hope you enjoy this suggestion.
We both enjoyed our respective sides and I have one to make one final mention: even though she does not like olives herself, my wonderful wife is the one that bought that delicious jar of olives for me.

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