Saturday, February 12, 2011

Costco Take And Bake Pepperoni Pizza-On Sale and Kicked Up!

At its normal price, the Take and Bake Pizza from Costco is a good value. But when they chop off three dollars like they do this month, it becomes an absolute bargain.  At $6.99 I would be hard pressed to justify making my own pizza, given the materials and time involved.  And honestly, while this is not a gourmet pizza, it is an excellent "working class" pizza and it is the size of a hubcap off a Hummer!

While a straight pepperoni pizza is a classic, we felt like kicking ours up a notch. We garnished the pizza with the Kirkland Signature Artichokes Hearts we are so fond of and Bella Sun Lucci Sun Dried Tomatoes we also got from Costco.  This added a pleasing set of textures and a couple of more layers of flavor.  Given the mere moments it took to "upgrade" this pizza, I really have to say it was an excellent reward on our time and effort.

At this price, we plan on picking up at least one more of these beauties before the month is over. Great tasting and an awesome value, this pizza is a perfect example of what we love about Costco.

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