Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chicken With Artichoke Hearts In A Piccata Style Sauce Over Rice

We are very fond of the Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts  we get at Costco.  I was thinking they would be good with chicken and after surfing the web I came up with the idea of serving them in a piccata style sauce.

First, I cooked up one small yellow onion with three medium cloves of pressed garlic. After they were nicely cooked, I added 1/2 cup white wine, the juice and fat in the bottom of the rotisserie chicken package, a 1/4 cup capers, a rinsed and drained can of cannellini beans and a bunch of artichoke hearts that had been chopped up. Then I juiced one large lemon and added the juice, plus the zest from the same lemon.

After the flavors had melded a bit I added about half the chicken chopped and let it all come to temperature.  The finished product was served over jasmine rice.

I was really pleased with the outcome of this and so was my wife.   The artichoke hearts add slightly exotic flavors and textures and the beans help to make the dish hearty.  Overall, I though the flavor profile was broad and satisfying and I am sure we will make this again.

This recipe from Robin Miller did provide some inspiration, so I do want to give her some credit.  I liked the idea of the artichokes hearts in a piccata recipe, but then I made it my own by:

  • Using fresh onion and garlic cooked in EVOO
  •  Eliminating the step of cooking the chicken by using a rotisserie chicken
  • Cutting out some of the ingredients from the chicken breading since I used cooked chicken
  • Adding the juices and fat from the chicken instead of broth
  • Changing from brown to white rice
  • Substituting cannellini beans and using more of them
  • Cooking the beans in the sauce instead of with the rice
  • Not caring about any measurement except for the wine and capers
If you have been wondering what you can do with artichoke hearts that is quick, easy and delicious, this is a great option.

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