Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Review of Costco's Beef Bulogi Korean BBQ

As readers of this blog know we like to cook but sometimes we like a tasty meal that is not a lot of work.  Costco's Beef Bulogi Korean Barbecue nails this for us.

It is sold in the deli section in a good family sized portion and as soon as you open it, it looks good!

Before cooking, my wife cut it up a bit and then put it in our red Tramontina skillet we got from Costco.  We have affectionately nicknamed this pan "Big Red" and it gets a lot of use in our house.  It is one of the few items we kept when we upgraded our cookware with that fabulous set of Calphalon from Costco.

After cooking it smells good and looks great.

We served it with brown rice and Costco's Quinoa Salad.  I imagine some people find the two side dishes redundant but the rice and the salad really have very different tastes and texture profiles so there is a lot of good variety in this meal.

This worked really well for us. The beef was a flavorful and quick meat dish, the rice was a nice compliment to eat with the beef and the salad was a tasty, brightly flavored side dish.

The beef bulogi also works well in a beef sandwich so you can leverage into a variety of different meals.

This is has definitely become one of our favorite deli items at Costco and we will definitely buy it again.

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