Saturday, January 7, 2017

Can You Really Do Breakfast For Two People For $1 a Day? Maybe, If You Use Costco!

Grabbing breakfast at a fast food joint is quick and convenient, but with a little planning, you can be just as quick or even quicker at home. Plus, you can save yourself a ton of money and eat much healthier.  Here is how we do it:

Every Sunday, we make our breakfast for the week.  My lovely wife makes some hard boiled eggs, using eggs we get at Costco. My lovely wife would like to note that if you chill the eggs in ice water, they peel more easily.

While that is going on, I make a big batch of oatmeal in the microwave, with McCann's Imported Quick and Easy Steel Cut Oatmeal.
I make it in the microwave, like the photo below, although you can make it on the stove top if you wish. I just find the microwave a bit easier.

After we cook the oatmeal, we let it cool. Then we put the oatmeal and the peeled hard boiled eggs into soup containers, although you can use any container that you like.
As for the oatmeal when you serve it you can add whatever you want, but some cinnamon is a favorite of mine.

I also tend to add some soy milk.
But maple syrup, dried cranberries, vanilla, sugar, brown sugar, honey, whatever, it is your choice.

Now I have to answer the question, what is the cost for this? The last time we bought eggs, they were two dozen (24)  for $3.19.  If two people eat two each for a total of four, that is about  53 cents.  I don't remember the price of the oatmeal, but one box makes 44 servings and I think it was less than $6.  Trust me on the math, if the oatmeal costs $6 a container,  that is about 27 cents, for two servings and thus you have about 90 cents total.

If you add a lot of stuff to your oatmeal, you will go over $1 for two people for day, no doubt about that.  But if you keep your oatmeal simple, you can squeak by on a $1 a day. And even if you go over and go to say, $1.50, you are still saving a bundle. And this is definitely a nutritious and healthy meal full of protein and whole grains.

Breakfast starts your day, so why not start your day with a satisfying and energizing meal that is easy on your wallet?

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  1. Hey! I just found your blog and I am super excited because Costco is pretty much where I shop only now. I hope you have more posts soon!