Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review of Tiramisu Cake On Sale This Month At Costco

We have bought a variety of baked goods at Costco and I thought the Tiramisu Cake that is on sale this month looked like a great thing to take over to our friend's house for a casual get-together.  I have to say I was definitely pleased with the decision.  Before we get in to how fun it was to eat, I have to say it does make for a pretty presentation.

As the cake is very rich, even a small slice, like the one below, is satisfying.

As for the reviews of the cake, my brother in law used the word "yummy" and I would concur with that. The flavors are balanced with the coffee/expresso flavor being well presented without being overpowering.

The combination of the textures were also very good with the smooth filling and topping contrasting and complimenting the cake.

The cake was very well received and we had some more again last night at my in-laws, who have also been won over by it.  This cake is a good value at full price and an outstanding value on sale and I absolutely, positively recommend it without hesitation.


  1. Why Costco doesn't have it anymore?? I've been looking for that Tiramisu' for months!! :-(

  2. Because its a seasonal cake. I love it too. Also costco has this seasonal cake called tres leches and its just as good.

  3. What season is it sold in? Like what months?

  4. Is it found during the Christmas season?