Saturday, September 1, 2012

Costco Food Court Review: Hot Turkey And Provolone Sandwich-Hot, Meaty Cheesy Goodness At A Costco Price

While we primarily buy our food at Costco to take home, we also often like to get a snack or a quick lunch before we head home. Not too long ago, Costco added a hot turkey and provolone sandwich to their food court menu.  Anything with hot melted cheese sounds good to me, so I had to try one!

This is a good sandwich. The choice of bread for this works very well in terms of flavor, texture and construction of the sandwich.  I am definitely glad that they chose a bread that makes the process of eating this sandwich relatively neat.

The quality of the ingredients used in the sandwich are certainly up to par and that really helps to make this a success.  I like that they added the tomato, that made really helps make it seem like more of meal than just a couple of pieces of bread with some meat and cheese.

Finally, choosing turkey and provolone for the meat and cheese is a good idea. Turkey goes well with provolone but it is considered a healthier meat, so people will feel less guilty about eating it.

I enjoyed the sandwich and I will order it again, but the one negative is that at $3.99 it is not as good a value as the hot dog or the pizza by the slice. However, It is still a good value and a great change of pace.


  1. I love this review ... thanks for share this :D

  2. Excellent review very good advice. Now let me give you my review. This costs the same as the Carne Asada bake but isn't nearly as good or big. It is like a mini version of something I would order at rauls restaurant. Sometimes the work buys me a lunch from Costco and I ordered this once, everyone with the Chicken Bake laughed at me cause it was so small and had cooked tomato in it.
    I'll tell you what the store first to snag some freebies and here is a pro tip...fill your wrapper with the onions and relish once done with the sandwich for an afternoon snack. I put this on crackers that we have laying around.