Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saving Time And Money With The Family Sized Packages Of Ground Beef At Costco

As much as we enjoy cooking and eating together, my wife and I both work and when we get home at the end of the day, we want to eat dinner not very long after we get home. One of the strategies my lovely wife came up with that support this is to always have cooked, browned ground beef in the freezer ready to go.

What we do is we buy those big five or six pound packages of ground beef at Costco and then we brown all the beef at once.  Browning one great big package is really not that much more work than browning one or two pounds.  After the meat is browned, we let it cool, put it in containers and freeze it.

This saves us a lot of time in many ways:

  • As previously mentioned, browning a big package of meat is very time efficient
  • We have the meat divided up into easy to use packages
  • There is always cooked meat in the freezer, ready for us to make dinner with
  • Using frozen cooked meat is much faster than taking frozen  raw meat and then cooking it
 So even if you are a couple or just one person, buying the big packages of ground beef makes a lot of sense. It is both economical and a huge time saver.

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