Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amylu Chicken Burgers Sweet Potato Fries

When we were browsing at Costco recently we saw these burgers from Amylu. Given how satisfied we have been with their chicken sausage, we definitely felt we should try the burgers.  Without a doubt, this was a great decision. To go with them, we bought some sweet potato fries and it made for a colorful and varied meal.
The burgers are flavored with caramelized onions and cook up in minutes. I dressed mine with romaine lettuce, red onion and some mango chutney.(The chutney is not in the photo).  I garnished the fries with barbecue sauce, which also added some nice variety to the meal.

This meal was a snap to prepare and it was a great value too. If we had gone out to Red Robin for something similar, after tax and tip, you would be talking about $20 for the two of us. A 10 pack of the burgers at Costco is $12, so it is easy to see what a comparative bargain this meal is.


  1. These are so good and I was not able to find them the last time I was at Costco? I did see they had meatballs this time.....I wish they would carry the burgers again.

  2. Wicked good! I'm not a fan of red meat and much processed food. These looked tempting, and the packaging (two to a vacuum-wrapped pkg)/10 pk reusable cello container had me pick up a pack and tuck them in the freezer. Once I'd opened the first, they went pdq. Moist, nice sear on the stovetop in the winter, 22 gm protein in 150 calories, they are a staple in the freezer. Better than the gourmet beef burgers with mixins at the gourmet grocery. YUM!

  3. We love these burgers but were told yesterday (04/13/2013) at the CostCo in Southlake, TX that CostCo has discontinued carrying them. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!

  4. I agree. the burgers are just great. We used to buy them at costco in St. Louis, but they no longer carry the product. Please bring it back. They are Yum.


  5. We use to get the teriyaki chicken burgers @ Costco in Sequim, WA, but they don't seem to carry them anymore. Please,Please bring them back.