Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Back With An Apple Strudel Review And Serving Suggestion For An Indulgent Breakfast

With the kitchen remodel we went through recently, I fell out of the habit of doing updates because frankly we were doing very little cooking while the kitchen was tore apart.  Then after that was done other distractions came around, but now it is time to get back to blogging.

Costco has their Kirkland Signature Braided Apple Strudel on sale this month and I have to say it is a must buy.  At full price, it is a good deal, it is certainly a better value than buying pastries at a bakery or out of a vending at work.  On sale, it is an absolute bargain. It is a well made strudel with a good quantity  of apple filling and well executed and flaky crust.

While we had some as-is for breakfast during the week, I thought that kicking them up a notch on the weekend was a great idea.  To do this, we heated them up in the toaster oven.
After they were a cozy, warm temperature we got some nice vanilla ice cream and served them a la mode.

This worked wonderfully. It was easy, delicious and indulgent.  I wouldn't suggest this on a daily basis, but for a special occasion or just because you feel you need a pampering, I highly recommend this.

I guarantee you that every time we buy the strudel, we will be thinking about doing this!


  1. I'm glad you're back, I've missed your blog.

  2. Yuck, how can someone say this crap is "must buy" is beyond me. This thing is literally filled with chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and so processed I doubt even apples will do you any good. I just read the ingredients and there's about 40 of them, ridiculous. Avoid.

  3. They are delicious, my husband says they remind him of his German grandmother's recipe.

  4. This has been a favorite pastry for my wife and I for years, but the last two purchases has been very disappointing. It is now May 2016 and you are hard pressed to find any apples in the strudel. We will not be buying this product in the future. Our rating has went from 5 out of 5 down to 2 out of 5.

  5. they taste good but have trans fat in them. you wouldnt know this unless you looked it up on the internet. unfortunately, all the costco pastries including these have trans fat with the exception of croissants. There is no nutritional info on the package just the ingredients. It is a shame because they taste good but trans fats will clog your arteries so I will pass on the braided apple streudel, cheese danish and cherry danish as the streudel has 2G trans fat per serving and the cheese and cherry danish have 5G trans fat per serving. Very unhealthy. avoid