Friday, September 16, 2011

Leveraging Homemade Corn Salsa Through Costco

Recently, my wonderful wife made some fresh corn salsa.  Absolutely delicious stuff and versatile too.  Her first use of it with Costco items was to make some scrambled eggs along with a quesadilla filled with the Jarlsberg cheese we get from Costco. Then she finished the meal by stuffing a tomato with the salsa. This was a complete meal nutritionally and it was tasty and beautiful.
We also used the salsa with those wonderful black bean burgers we get from Costco. These burgers are always delicious but the  corn salsa really added a vibrant, fresh flavor to them that really was just wonderful.

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  1. So glad to hear that you can find Jarlsberg at your Costco. What a great idea, to stuff a quesadilla with it! In fact, you might try it in the eggs next time, too, as Jarlsberg is a fabulous melting cheese, and lends a wonderful nutty flavor.

    Thanks for sharing and including the Jarlsberg!

    Casey Benedict
    on behalf of Jarlsberg USA