Monday, November 15, 2010

Les Plats du Chef All Natural Spanakopita-Great Tasting, Fun And On Sale

We love the assortment of both basic items like rice and more distinctive foods like the spanakopita that Costco carries. While I was doing other chores, my wife threw half a package in the oven for refreshments for my Toastmasters meeting.

The spanakopita went over great, it was all gone by the time the meeting was over.  It is tasty, easy to eat and fun.

The holidays and their associated parties are coming up, so we will definitely buy some more of this.  The coupon has no limit, so we will get some and store it in the freezer. At $3.50 off per package and no limit, this is truly a great opportunity.


  1. Just had a sample yesterday and bought some for Thanksgiving. Truly delicious.

  2. I am having a birthday party in March and want to buy the Les Plats du Chef appetizers. Costco only carries it during the holidays. What! People don't party the rest of the year!! Now what will I serve.

  3. We buy your spanakopita during the holidays but want to have them year round. Can we order some from your company or do we have to wait until December this year? We haven't been able to find them anywhere in our area except Sam's Club.

  4. Why did you discontinue this excellent product in Denver area?